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ALine Inc. Advances Microfluidic Design and Development 

ALine engages clients in product-focused engineering of plastic single-use microfluidic cartridges. Our toolbox of engineered fluid circuitry components shortens the development process, rapid prototyping and design for production.

Excelitas Technologies Launches New Low-Power DigiPyro Motion Detectors

DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series meets the need for enhanced performance at lower voltages. Excelitas Technologies® Corp. introduces next-generation, digital pyro detection technology in its new, low-power DigiPyro® PYD 1500 Series for battery-operated motion detection. DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series detectors improve detection range and sensitivity at only 1.8V to address the growing demand for enhanced performance and functionality.

DataRay WinCamD-LCM CMOS Beam Profiler

DataRay's compact and advanced WinCamD-LCM USB 3.0 CMOS Beam Profiler, offering update rates of up to 60Hz, resolution up to 4.2MP, with 5.5 μm pixels! Wavelengths: 190 to 1605nm.

Precision Molded Plastic Components, Parts and Assemblies

Griot Group announces a full lineup of precision-machined plastic material components and assemblies. We have added bonded manifolds for fluidics and pneumatics. These added capabilities complement our plastic injection-molded and precision-machined glass and ceramics lines.

Cool Eye™ Thermopile Array

Excelitas' new Cool Eye™ Thermopile Array is a detector family used in indoor climate control that helps today's appliances become smarter and conserve energy.

Savillex Fluoropolymer Injection Molding

Few companies in the world have the know-how to injection mold fluoropolymers. High melt temperatures and corrosive gases generated during molding make fluoropolymers extremely challenging to mold. From resin selection and tool design to processing know how and manufacturing environment, Savillex understands fluoropolymer injection molding. We apply that know-how to every project, working with our customers to develop custom injection molded parts from PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF and more, no matter how challenging the application.

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